Auto feature

With the aim of making it easy for you to trade, and ensure all transactions are successful. We have developed these special functions in order to satisfy you when using the service:

100% fully automated trading

Make transactions easy :
All transaction steps are summarized in a single page.
Make many transactions at the same time:
You can make multiple transactions at the same time without having to wait for the previous transactions to succeed.

Transaction security:
The system is designed to ensure that you receive money regardless of any problems:
nternet disconnected
Missed browser shutdown
Or due to a system error, you can still know the status of your transactions, and can easily check.
Automatically process with unfinished transactions:
The system will automatically check all transactions after 20 minutes but not completed to ensure that you will receive money in the shortest time.
During this time, the system will automatically cancel unfinished transactions after 20 minutes so that you can easily make new transactions when needed.

Notice of transaction status:
Via Email:
You will need to provide personal information (Full name, Email, Phone number) when making a transaction.
The system will automatically send an email notifying you when your transaction is processed.

At the Website:
You do not need to register for an account, all test information is based on the information you provided at the time of trading.
You can check the order in the section: Transaction history if you have registered an account, or check your email to review the order by clicking the order link.

Technical assistance:
You can communicate with us via the chat system in the bottom right corner of the screen. Also you can communicate via Yahoo Messenger or Skype.
If we do not answer online please SMS or email the order code and error status for us to review.
100% guarantee of orders completed and you are satisfied with our service.
Thank you for supporting us.

Số Dư Chúng Tôi Còn:
Bán Bitcoin  Bitcoin0.0905
Bán Usdt Trc20  Usdt Trc205666.68
Bán Usdt Bep20  Usdt Bep201356.39
Bán Ethereum  Ethereum0.11
Bán Usdt Erc20  Usdt Erc205037.41
Bán Perfect Money  Perfect Money2914.81
Bán Bnb  Bnb4.50
Bán Tron  Tron9846.00
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