Terms of service use of https://rimiti.com

I. General provisions:

I.1. This provision sets out the terms and conditions of using e-currency withdrawal / deposit services - Webmoney, as well as the services related to Webmoney that we - https://rimiti.com provide.

I.2. https://rimiti.com is a personal, non-legal online service of a company or organization.

I.3. Using any of https://rimiti.com's services means that the user accepts all terms and conditions set forth by this Regulation.

I.4. In the event of disagreeing with the terms and conditions of the Regulations, the user is not entitled to perform any services that https://rimiti.com provides.

II. Rules of the service:

II.1. https://rimiti.com provides customers with webmoney withdrawal / deposit and conversion services; Shop some items with webmoney.

II.2. https://rimiti.com is not responsible for any loss caused by mistake, deviation or inaccuracy caused by users during the transaction.

II.3. Transactions upon completion are not refundable.

III. Terms and conditions of use:

III.1. Do not use the services of https://rimiti.com for fraudulent or money laundering activities.

III.2. https://rimiti.com reserves the right to refuse service to any person in a legal complaint.

IV. Provisions on fees and time to complete transactions:

IV.1 Transaction fees and exchange rates are determined by https://rimiti.com and may change from time to time. The seller will bear 0.8% of transfer fee of Webmoney system.

IV.2 Under normal conditions, a transaction is completed within 1 minute to a maximum of 5 hours from the time we receive payment from the customer. If any unexpected problems arise, we are responsible for informing the customer.

V. Security:

V.1. ll information of the service https://rimiti.com provided on the website including: Webmoney account wallet number, bank account information, phone number, email, Yahoo nick is unique. We are not responsible if you deal with marginal information.

V.2. All information (e-mail, phone number ...) given by the customer during the transaction is confidential and not disclosed to any third party unless:
- Is required by the appropriate legal authority;
- Court decisions;
- As required by the Management Board of one of the related payment systems.

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