Risk management

We only aim to support Vietnamese people to access international payment communication when payments in foreign countries are not permitted to transact from Vietnam, in addition to e-wallets to help ensure the payment is safe for user.

Goods and services provided are not made by individuals or businesses of Webmoney Transfer system. We are an independent service with the right to make decisions about the prices of goods and services. Businesses within the Webmoney Transfer system do not receive any commissions from the services provided above.

The certificate that Webmoney Transfer System provides is to confirm that the user's contact information is accurate, it does not mean that the Webmoney system has a relationship with the business of customers using Webmoney.

Số Dư Chúng Tôi Còn:
Bán Bitcoin  Bitcoin0.0905
Bán Usdt Trc20  Usdt Trc205310.08
Bán Usdt Bep20  Usdt Bep201356.39
Bán Ethereum  Ethereum0.11
Bán Usdt Erc20  Usdt Erc205037.41
Bán Perfect Money  Perfect Money2811.89
Bán Bnb  Bnb4.50
Bán Tron  Tron9846.00
Perfect money merchant